Abbey’s Secret Ale

Sex in a Can title lotus

Do you want to reveal the Abbey Secret? First you have to promise that you won’t share it with anybody…It’s obvious that these Secrets need to be known by your own. Abbey’s Secret Belgian Ale presents a fantastic exclusive mouth orifice with unique mini speed bump inner texture. You wont find it inside any other Fleshlights. All Sex in a Can products provides well known from other Fleshlight sex toys Reel Feel Superskin material. Don’t worry it’s very easy to clean. The mini speed bump sleeve is put inside wonderful beer can case with unique vinyl. Every Can Case version has got exclusive vinyl. So be sure to collect them all. Every sleeve is removable and the can case is fully washable just like a real Fleshlight. But remember the mini versions are much tighter.


  • Pink Mouth Speed Bump Sex In A Can Sleeve with Mini Speed Bump Texture
  • Silver Sex In A Can Beer Can Case
  • Sample Lube Pillow Pack
  • Case Dimensions: 7.75″ x 2.80″
  • Sleeve Dimensions: 6.80″ x 2.60″
  • Texture: Overall Length: 5.5″
  • Texture Diameter: 0.75″
speed medium_1758 mouth