Sex In A Can 3-Pack

Sex in a Can title2 fleshlight

Do you prefer sex or beer? Difficult question. So fleshlight com got something special for you. You don’t have to resign from any of both things. ILF Inc., the Fleshlight producer decided to refresh their old idea of fleshlight hidden in a beer can. Do you remember the earlier versions of Fleshlight Sex in a Can™? It is well known for experienced fleshlight users. All old versions had the original texture and only difference was the color of the sleeve ( maybe somebody remember the chocolate color;) ). Now there are completely new Sex in a Can Fleshlights with cutting edge technology sleeves. One thing the the older and new versions got in common is a fact that all of them looks like a can of beer. The sleeves used in Sex In a Can are the mini versions of three the most popular fleshlight sleeves. Sex in A Can offer is represented by three different products: Pink Lotus Lager, Abbey’s Secret Ale and Spread Eagle Brew. Each Can has got different mini sleeve: Mini-Vortex, Mini-Speed Bump and the best of all (for me) Mini-Lotus. All of the “beers” were brewed to provide the same legendary feel of the original Fleshlight sex toy, Sex in a Can has the full can body and it is finished with smooth edges. I can assure you that you will be fully satisfied with those new sex can toys. With three distinct orifices (Spreaded Lady, Lady and Mouth) that are related with unique inner textures. All of them are placed in a compact beer can case. Sex in a Can is a pure satisfaction even for those with the most sophisticated taste.

Pink Lotus Lager

Abbey’s Secret Ale

Spread Eagle Brew
eagle brew

lotus speed vortex